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AVENI ANTI-WAVE devices for HUMANS, to carry on yourself

It is becoming imperative to protect ourselves from the waves that impact our health on a daily basis.

Protecting yourself from electromagnetic waves is now becoming an imperative to keep your energy and vitality. Electrosensitivity, which is widespread, is not inevitable and validated and effective personal protection exists, such as AVENI.SHOP products. We also have reliable solutions for detecting telluric and electromagnetic pollution.
In addition, if we know how to protect our homes, when we leave our place of life we ​​are always exposed (5G, relay antenna, linky, mobile phone and many others). This strongly impacts our state of health and particularly our immune system and our nervous system. Here too we have personal anti-radiation solutions because it is urgent and essential to protect ourselves individually from the electromagnetic smog in which we are immersed.
This is intensifying with the installation of 5G antennas. This problem will very soon be the most important factor in the deterioration of our health.

It is the first and for the moment the only one to have given us satisfaction.

Born from the synergy of several skills and after more than 20 years of research and development on electromagnetic waves, the company AVENI.SHOP) develops and designs products that absorb and transform electromagnetic pollution for the benefit of well-being and sports performance.

Faced with the proven risks due to the use of a mobile phone as well as the health alerts highlighted since 2011 concerning the effects of electromagnetic waves, it became urgent to invent an effective countermeasure to protect against them.

The waves are present everywhere, (relay antenna, concentrator pylon, wifi network, EDF network, GPRS network, 3G/4G network and 5G to come etc… are used in many technologies. They impact our entire operation. But also our Indeed, this electromagnetic smog in which we bathe has the effect of modifying cognitive functions, greatly reduces the energy vibration of our body and of all living beings exposed to it, including plants, and generates a state of stress. Our body is never at 100% of its capacity.

The benefits provided by the devices are:

  • The protection of all, including “electrosensitive” people
  • Absorption and transformation of electromagnetic and radiofrequency waves
  • Reduction of sleep disturbances
  • Dynamization of solid or liquid foods

The improvement:

  • Body energy balance
  • Muscular resistance
  • Concentration and efficiency at work
  • Daily energy
  • The taste of foods & their energy value (nutrient duo)

The reduction

  • Tiredness
  • Pains

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