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 Welcome to the near future, Living in a healthy environment

Electromagnetic waves, whatever their origin, carry a signal that can disturb people. It is a question of transforming this information into a favorable signal for the living. It is the informational imprints of plants and natural minerals embedded in the resin of the devices that allow this reversal of the effect. They provide a more natural frame of reference for the organizations that use it for their operations.

Your environment and your healthy habitat with Aveni

The proliferation of electrical appliances with new technologies as well as the numerous electrical installations in our habitat with their emission frequencies increasingly impact the serenity, attention and vitality of people.

AVENI devices considerably improve the compatibility of this equipment with the living.

Increase your energy

Less Fatigue

AVENI harmonizers exist to bring you daily well-being. They are effective in reducing the nuisance caused by the intensive use of devices emitting electromagnetic waves. They help to improve your quality of life.

Daily well-being

More Comfort

AVENI harmonizers work by improving your home. Placed in your home, your place of work or taken on the go, they reduce the stress caused by the intensive use of electrical appliances.

Sensitive people

Immediate Relief

AVENI harmonizers offer effective protection against the daily nuisance of electromagnetic waves. They reduce the feeling of discomfort for device users and allow better concentration. We feel an improvement in the quality of rest and a deep feeling of well-being.