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Before purchasing a new tablet, please consider this important safety information.

iPads and Tablets Emit Microwave Radiation: Wireless iPads and tablets emit constant bursts of pulsed wireless microwave radiation also known as radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation. Microwave bursts can be happening about every 4 seconds or up to 900 times every hour.

These Radiation Bursts Continue Even When The Wireless Device Is Not In Use

Tablets have up to 5 transmitter antennas emitting radiation as a beacon signal that transmits even when the internet is NOT being used. Yes, the radiation intensity is stronger when you are using the internet with a Wi-Fi connection, however, the radiation does not automatically stop when you work offline. The bursts continue because the tablet antennas “check in” with what is called a “digital handshake” to the base network which is usually a Wi-Fi router or hotspot, or a nearby cell tower. If the network signal strength is low then the tablet’s radiation burst is higher. This digital handshake continuously repeats.

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