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There’s electrosmog in the car too.

Electromagnetic radiation in vehicles and electric cars

Radiation increases

Electrosmog in vehicles continues to increase. As more and more plastic and less and less metal shield these fields, the radiation in the vehicle is often massively increased and exhibits disturbing qualities that were not possible a few years ago. IBES specialists measure these fields with precision and always have solutions ready to eliminate electrosmog in your car as well.

Strong magnetic field in vehicles

Cars can have a magnetic field as strong as that of a hot plate: that’s what K-Tipp discovered in a random test. In addition to daily exposure, a frequent driver may experience the effects of electrosmog in their car on their health.
The electronics increase comfort, but also radiation: a diesel has the most powerful magnetic field in the sample.
With more electronics, manufacturers want to improve exhaust value and reduce power consumption. And in the end, comfort can only be achieved with a lot of electronics.

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