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List of AVENI ANTI-WAVE devices

Matter is related to vibration.

All living beings – human beings, plants and animals – are surrounded in nature by vibrations of different forms. This ranges from the earth’s magnetic field to electric and magnetic frequencies.

Bio-resonance is the means by which our body communicates with our environment via the vibrations of our cells. The more harmonious the resonance, the greater the vitality with which our body reacts and develops.

Electromagnetic fields (current) resulting from technology are not in harmony with nature. They create scattering fields from which frequencies harmful to humans, animals and food flow.

A life without electromagnetic fields is no longer possible today. On the contrary, their number will continue to increase in the future.

Over the past 30 years, the frequency of these fields (Hertz – frequency) has increased 500 million times.

From 50 Hertz in the 80s to 2.5 billion Hertz (waves per second).
And this increase continues to progress strongly.

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