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The creator

of the AVENI devices

Alexandre RUSANOV

The Creator

Geological Engineer
Master in Industrial Computing
Member of the Union of Geologists
Member of the International Medical Geology Association
Earth, well-being and the electromagnetic environment


  • Through his activities, man is polluting the earth more and more. Chemical and radioactive pollution are well known but, with the development of electricity production and its transport by the various power lines, the earth is also polluted by electric currents evacuated into the ground. All of this pollution changes its properties and characteristics.
  • The installation in certain places of pylons with relay antennas, pylons of power lines and masts of wind turbines causes the appearance of new nuisances which are propagated by fault zones at a distance of several kilometres. These nuisances can be the determining factor of serious health problems but also the triggering factor of pathologies for humans and animals who live above a fault zone.
  • The modern equipment of homes and workplaces (wifi, bluetooth, mobile telephony, wireless telephones, smart meters for Linky electricity, for Gazpar gas and for water) adds to these disturbances and if we we are all different, we are all concerned. Hyper electro-sensitive people and disturbed farms are the indicators of this new situation. To what extent does a new scientific approach allow a better understanding of these informational phenomena and are there solutions?
  • Alexandre Rusanov is a geological engineer, graduated from the Peoples’ Friendship University (Moscow).
  • He participated in the application of flaw detection methods in coal mines in Russia and Ukraine. Then he participated in the development of a new method for detecting faults and conducted post-seismic missions, particularly in Armenia and Georgia. He created a geology company in Ukraine and carried out projects in many countries, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Bolivia.
  • Since 2000, Alexander Rusanov has lived in France. He graduated from the National Engineering School of Brest with a master’s degree in industrial computing. As part of his geoecology company, SARL Tellus, he is dedicated to scientifically understanding the impact of the soil and the natural and artificial electromagnetic environment on living beings. It develops harmonizers and installs them in order to improve the situation on farms, in private homes, but also at the request of manufacturers or local authorities. For his interventions and his research, he travels throughout France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia, Austria… He thus intervenes in the university context in Russia and in Ukraine and communicates at international congresses, courses and conferences.