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Our daily environment is increasingly subject to the action of electromagnetic fields created by man in his technological works. The Confederation has drawn up an ordinance (ORNI), which aims to protect humans against radiation in the frequency range from 0 Hz to 300 GHz.

The electromagnetic field is like an invisible cloud that radiates around any plugged-in electrical device. It also exists in the natural environment, even outside of any human activity. When a living being is exposed to an electromagnetic field, currents and voltages are created in its body. Sensitivity to electromagnetic fields emitted will be greater the larger the body, which is why small animals are less sensitive than large ones (for example, the rat will be 12.5 times less sensitive than humans to the electric field).

In buildings, the electrosmog of our environment is mainly produced and composed by:

The 50Hz electric current, creating an electric field and a magnetic field. All electrical devices will also create these same electric and magnetic fields.
High frequencies from cordless home phones (DECT standard), mobile phones, WIFI modems for computers and video game consoles, devices using the BLUETOOTH communication standard, and also PowerNet systems.

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